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Matthew Ford

Registered Acupuncturist

Hi I'm Matthew Ford, I have been involved in health care since I was born, with my parents being private practice Osteopaths and Physiotherapists and my Grandfather being an Obstetrician Gynaecologist; this exposure inspired me to follow my inner calling to open Ford Acupuncture.


What we treat


Through clinical experience and continued research I have gained a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of pain, both acute and chronic, and love to treat this with great results. Back, neck or shoulder pain and injury Spinal problems and Sciatica Headaches and Migraines TMJ dysfunction and jaw pain Joint pain and stiffness Sprains, strains and bruises Torn, tight or sore muscles Muscle spasms and cramps RSI and overuse injuries Arthritic pain, stiffness and swelling Bursitis or tendonitis Chronic pain

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Labour Induction and Pregnancy Support

After becoming a father and while going through the whole pregnancy journey along side my wife; I have gained a new, and much deeper, insight and passion for helping women to enter labour naturally and on time, without the need to be chemically induced, and to offer pregnancy support in the form of massage and acupuncture for symptomatic relief of pain, back pain, morning sickness, nausea, sleep disorders and understand their own journey to motherhood.

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Anything else you can Google ...

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is amazing at treating so many things that it is hard to list them all here. Below is some of the more common ...

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Can Acupuncture help you?

Enter your details below and we will email you with a link to a specialised, Registered Acupuncturist designed, Acupuncture health questionnaire we have developed to see if we can help you and if Acupuncture will be good for you! If Acupuncture can help you and your condition, we will contact you immediately to organise an appointment. If Acupuncture is not good for you, we will contact you with an appropriate referral to someone who can help you!


Ever wondered what the difference between Acupuncture and Dry Needling is?

Spring changes and quietude

Headaches are so common and recurring, but have you tried Acupuncture and does it help?

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  • 5/55 Plaza Parade, Maroochydore QLD, Australia
  • (Kon-Tiki Business Centre on the Ground floor & on the left-hand-side of the driveway)